Food - a subject dear to my heart...

I like food.

A lot. Hence this page. Adopt, adapt and hopefully enjoy the ideas.

At the bottom of this page are a couple of my favourite food shops.

Recipe one - Tapas (Spain)

Tapas I am given to believe is the plate of 'something' that is put on top of the glass to prevent flies drinking the beer before you do and can be pretty much anything. This is one that I found a few years ago on a visit.

Smash some potatoes - don't mash them to a smooth consistency - they need to have some slight texture still. Add some mayonnaise (NOT salad cream - too strong a flavour) and then a platter of cooked, chopped mixed shellfish.



Recipe two - Gorgonzola sauce for four (Italy)

Two cupped handfuls of basil leaves, half an onion and mince together. I have a little hand mincing machine from Italy which crushes and tears the onion and basil - a liquidiser could be used - very quickly else the juices and texture are lost.

Fry this in a small pan. Add about 3/4 lb of gorgonzola, minus the crust, (I chop it into cubes to help it to melt). A nearly fluorescent green sauce should result.

It is great on gnocchi(see below) or even better on a good steak, it is like a stilton sauce but I reckon is nicer because it has a slight tartness.

Recipe three - Gnocchi (Italy)

For use with the gorgonzola sauce above - cheap, quick fuel food.

Boil water in a pan, separate the gnocchi (I buy it packs rather than make it), add it to the water and remove as soon as it floats to the top! If you leave it longer, it just gets soggy.

This and the sauce is very quick - I have cooked it for a mate of mine in the 10 minutes it took him to walk to my hovel before descending on a pub.

La Bottega Italiana - 75, Market Street, Watford WD18 0PR - 01923 232792

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall Italian foods, wines, herbs, spices, pasta, olive oils, cheeses and salamis. Fresh Italian bread. Plus having a cup of coffee and ciabatta for breakfast, al fresco, after getting the food order in. And try Primitivo, a gorgeous wine, from the south, not well known. It is a medium-full bodied red.

Britwell Salome Farm Shop - Red Lion Farm, Britwell Salome OX49 5LG - 01491 612070

British cheeses (and others), real bacon and sausages, properly cured hams and gammon joints, Local and small brewery beers, wines. Also preserves, chutneys, jams and so on from local suppliers.