Specialist Installations
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Wireless Lighting, Chipperfield Baptist Church

The switch lines (between the fitting and switch) had been condemned because there was no earth. The building was completed in 1962, with a flat roof, (ie no access to the ceiling space), plastered or plain brick walls and the building in regular use. There were three possible solutions:

1. Chasing into walls & ceilings - timeconsuming and expensive: a lot of redecoration would have been necessary.
2. Trunking - easthetically unpleasant given the good condition of the building.
3. Wireless lighting - initially expensive but cheaper to install without the problems caused by the first two options.

Wireless lighting is a switch, in effect a transmitter, talking to the ceiling unit (a receiver). They are paired so that only a particular switch operates 'its' light fitting. However, one or more light fittings can be operated by one or more switches. Hand-held remotes are available, but these are, for obvious reasons, not suitable for places like church halls where there may be many users that could mislay it. (Read this)

The before and after photos show one light and its switch. All that has (visibly) changed is the switch (circled). Not much has altered, but then, that is the idea!

Baptist church
Baptist church

"We are all delighted with the finished result" - Brenda Harpley, Secretary, Chipperfield Baptist Church

Emergency Lighting, Christ Church, North Watford

Emergency lighting was required to illuminate the emergency escape passageway along the north side of the church. The lighting had to be capable of being switched on when needed, (for services and other events in dark evenings). A maintained* system was installed.

Christchurch Lighting
Christchurch Lighting

maintained lighting - can be switched on/off, but in the event of a power failure will illuminate
non-maintained lighting - unit is off (ie not switchable), but in the event of a power failure will illuminate.

Case Study

The customers' problem was that they wanted to be able to turn the light fitting on the outside wall of the garage on and off - the installer had not provided a switch. Their solution was to request me to fit a switch in the garage. Since this fitting was actually for the garden, they would have had to walk to the garage in the dark before being able to turn it on.

I suggested that with a wireless system that they would be able to switch the light from within the kitchen and was able to prove that one of these units had a range of at least 20 metres and would work through the three brick walls in between. They were very happy with the result.